Curriculum development

Before reading:

I think that curricula are developed by the ministry of education with the help of past and present educators. I think that teachers and professors have a key role in the development of curricula because they are the ones who follow it and know how it works when it is applied in a classroom. I believe that curricula are based on results of the past, and modified to be used today.


After reading:

Curricula is developed at a national and provincial level. The government has final say on what is and what isn’t implemented in curricula. Curricula is developed through a collaboration of teachers, experts, and members of the ministry of education, however, it is the government who has the final authority. Once curriculum is developed then it is the teacher’s responsibility to implement the new curriculum into the classroom.

In reading this selection, I learned that policy and curriculum development is often affected by public opinion and political agendas. Policies in any area of government are driven by public approval, and curriculum development is no exception. Because of this, new aspects of curriculum are introduced and then changed rapidly. An example of public opinion changing curriculum would be the change in how reading is taught. It went from putting emphasis on phonetics, to whole language, to a newer more comprehensive list of strategies for reading. The current public debate over the “new math” could spark changes in math curricula in the future as well. A concern I have as a future teacher would be that the ministry of education would listen more to the public opinion than that of teachers and other education professionals when deciding on curriculum. Student success should always come before political popularity.

One thought on “Curriculum development

  1. If only past and present educators had more of a say in current curriculum, like you thought before the reading. I think that if they had a larger influence, curriculum could be better directed at the students rather than just getting the content that professionals think its important. I was shocked to read that often experts in the particular subjects where the ones doing most of the curriculum development because they are often the ones with the smallest amount of teaching experience, if they have any teaching experience at all.


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