A “good” student

This week we were challenged to think about what a “good” student is. In my mind there are no set instructions on how to be a good student, everyone is different and will succeed in different ways. Although there is a common image of the perfect student, it is important to consider that this image may not be the only one possible.

According to the common-sense, a “good” student is someone who listens attentively in class and only questions what is meant to be questioned. A good student will learn what is meant to be learned and be able to show this on a test.  They receive good grades and excel in evaluations. The students that are privileged by this definition of a good student are those who can sit still, listen and absorb information to later memorize and be tested on. By this definition I am considered a good student. I have always excelled at memorization and do very well on tests and evaluations. This definition makes it impossible to view students who do not fit this description of good students as well. Students who struggle to sit still, have troubles memorizing, and question the wrong things can also be good students just in a different way. Students who question the unexpected, for example, bring a new perspective into the classroom which is perhaps even new to the teacher. This definition of a good student makes it hard for teachers, parents and peers to see the students who act up as good students because they were never given the chance to show what they know in a different way.

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