Diverse perspectives

  1. In this week’s lecture and readings, I learned that while re-conceptualistic work is to reveal circumstances in which power and privilege are created for some groups but not others. They’re work still does not have the ways to stop the creation of new situations with this same problem that arises.

2.  Something that I had not thought of before is how the untold stories of history regarding people of different ethnicities can truly affect the students who belong to that ethnicity that is not being represented in historical events learned in class.

3. In the first reading I found it interesting how scientists are just now beginning to see the potential of Indigenous knowledge. In the past their culture and practices were shut out, therefore there was no further teaching and understanding of how valuable Indigenous knowledge is.

One connection I made is with the value we put on the sciences and math and how they are the classes that really allow us to have new inventions. While I agree with this I do not think these classes have any superiority over others. Language classes, for example are just as important in the development of knowledge.

The second connection I made is how gender was included in the aspects that play into power and privilege. I feel that gender as well as sexuality plays a big part in privilege and therefore should always be addressed.

One question that I still have is how can we be more aware of the ethnicities being left out of historical events that we teach in class and how we can prevent this from affecting our students in a negative way?

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