I found this lecture very interesting, it was really helpful to learn more about the STF and all of its benefits. I didn’t really understand the classes and steps of a teacher’s salary but now I feel like I have a better understanding of them. It is good to know that I will be a class 4 teacher when I graduate and that there are ways that I can move up to a higher class later on by taking more classes. It was also very interesting to learn that the STF is solely run by teachers. This gives individuals who are familiar with classroom atmospheres the ability to make decisions that will be more likely to affect educators in a positive way. Another thing that I learned is that one of the benefits teachers receive is Teacher Well-Being. I did not know about this and I think it is great that the STF provides care and support for teachers and families struggling with mental health issues.

As I am considering teaching in Alberta after my degree, I found the questions and answers during the lecture very helpful. I now have more of an understanding on making that transition. I learned that I will need to show my transcripts to the ATA to obtain a teaching certificate in that province and I may need to take extra classes to do so as well. The second connection that I made was concerning the health care plan teachers receive for themselves and their families. My mother is a teacher and she often talks about how grateful she is for the health plan and how much it helps out everyone in the family. I have struggled with asthma for most of my life and so my mom, having the STF health plan, is able to have the prescriptions I need paid for.

After learning more about the STF I wonder if all the same aspects apply to francophone schools. One question I have is if the process for obtaining a teaching certificate in a different province would be the same when applying to a francophone school division?

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