Reflexion on principals

Three things I learned:

  1. In schools, principals do not have one specific job, they wear many different hats to make their school a good environment to be in. One of their most important jobs is to build relationships with parents, students, staff, and community members. It is with these relationships that the administrator can build a happy and welcoming environment.
  2. Principals are a source of support for teachers. The principal acts as a coach like figure to their staff by ensuring that they have all of the supplies, skills, and knowledge they need to teach their class to the best of their abilities.
  3. Principals have the important task of creating an image of their school. They need to ensure that it is appealing to a variety of families. They implement a code of conduct in their school that is enforced by the staff and followed by everyone.


1.  A connection I made is that, thinking of my principals I have had through my years in elementary and high school, they had a lot on their plate. Coming from a very small school, we often had a lack of teachers to cover all of the classes that needed to be taught, therefore the principal would teach one or two classes so that we were covered. Seeing now how many other jobs they had to do I can see how this would be very demanding and challenging.

2. Another connection I made is that the principal really does set the atmosphere for the entire school. For example, when I was in elementary I had one principal for two years who was not good. He did not make the school a welcoming environment and he asserted his authority by making us fear him. When he was the administrator of the school there was very little discipline or consequences when it came to students fighting and getting physical with each other.


One question I have is how does a new teacher go about building a relationship with a principal who is unapproachable or has practices that they do not agree with?

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