Intro to my learning project

Welcome to the beginning of my personal learning project! Throughout the next couple months, I will be using online ressources to learn a new skill. I have put a lot of thought into what skill I want to learn for this project. Initially, I thought about possibly furthering my learning of the spanish language but then decided against this idea. I then thought something maybe a little more fun like arm knitting. I did some research on this skill, and eventually decided that it required me to purchase too much materiel that was a little out of my price range. I decided to be a little more practical and the idea came to me. I decided that I will be learning basic cooking skills for my learning project.

Why cooking?

Cooking is a skill that I have never been overly comfortable with. Lucky enough for me I have never really had to do much of it as my roommate loves to cook and does most of it for the both of us. However, it is a skill that I eventually want to have and be able to enjoy. I feel that this will be a challenge for me because well let’s just say my skills in the kitchen are very limited! My goal for this project is to be able to make simple and delicious everyday meals.  I plan to start off slow with simple skills and dishes and then to progress to a full meal that offers a bit more of a challenge.

Over the next couple months, I plan to focus on something different each week that will eventually lead me to reach my goal.  My plan starts with :

  1. Learn different doneness tests for meat and chicken. (This is one of my biggest problems while cooking. I always seem to overcook things in fear of them not being cooked enough)
  2. How to make a tomato sauce from scratch.
  3. How to successfully make a cream based soup
  4. Simple rice dishes such as risotto and fried rice
  5. How to make an apple pie
  6. Make a roast chicken meal with a homemade gravy

I am looking forward to starting this journey and finding ressources that will make the learning process easier for me. I am excited to start cooking and sharing my journey with you all!

Stay tuned for more posts 🙂

2 thoughts on “Intro to my learning project

  1. Hello Brooke, Frankly, Your project made me hungry! Indeed, It’s a fantastic Learning Project as it’s so practical. And yes, to learn cooking is an excellent skill to have as it’s helpful in our everyday life. Believe me, it makes my life way easy to feed my family today unlike earlier when I was completely dependent on my mom to cook for me and starve until I get some. Having such skill learned is beneficial too, you can make food of your choice!
    I’m unaware of food you mentioned above and this creates an opportunity for me to learn about different cultural food too. I just can’t wait for your post to come and possess some knowledge of diverse cuisine and recipes to try out by myself. I just can’t wait for tomato sauce which might me useful in our traditional Indian cooking. Risotto and Pies are one of my favourites, so will be glad to learn from you.

    Wish you all the best for your project. Waiting for your delicious cooking!

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