Introducing me

Hello my name is Brooke George. I am a third year student in  the BAC en éducation élémentaire program. I am originally from the very small town of Bellegarde in the south east corner of Saskatchewan which is about 2.5 hours from Regina.

I enjoy reading , baking and dancing. I danced competitively since I was three but stopped when I moved to Regina. My passion is language and I am very grateful to be pursuing my education in french. I had the opportunity to be placed in a grade three classroom for my pre-internship this past semester and I absolutely loved it!

Here is a picture of me outside of my pre-internship school, École St. Angela Merici

In regards to my experience with educational technology, it is fairly limited. During my internship I had the chance to work with seesaw. I found this very useful and pretty user friendly. I also have a little bit of experience with blogging from my own education. I used WordPress to do weekly blog posts for ESC 200 and 2010. However, I do not feel overly comfortable using it and still don’t know all the things that I can do on my blog.

I feel that blogging is a very useful tool in education to connect with other professionals and share ideas. Blogs can also be used in the classroom as an outlet for the students to write reflexions and share their ressources with their classmates as well as other students.

Technology is not my strong suit, and it stresses me out as something that should take me 5 minutes ends up taking me 20 so I look forward to learning from and with you all. Find me on Twitter to follow along with my progress!

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