This week we were given the task of finding education related sources using an RSS reader. I had absolutely no idea what this meant. I proceeded to create a Feedly account and discovered that there are so many useful articles and blogs right at my fingertips. Feedly is fairly easy to navigate and it didn’t take me too long to type in some key words such as education technology and technology in the classroom which led me to a ton of interesting information.

These key words that I used allowed me to browse through articles and blog posts that are about integrating technology of various sorts into the classroom in different ways. I found that my attention was mostly drawn to articles and posts written from the perspective of teachers. I was able to find a few sources that are written by teachers to follow. I find these very helpful because they are easy to follow and they offer practical tips and tricks to use in the classroom.

Here is a picture of my Feedly page after I put in my key words

One source that particularly stood out to me is a blog post by Kathleen Morris on teachers’ communication with parents via email. This post talks about the benefits of using email as a means of communication with parents when it is done correctly. Kathleen offers 12 easy tips for teachers to follow in order to maintain a professional interaction with parents. Some of these tips may seem to be common knowledge, however, it is important to pay attention to every detail so as to not offend or misinform a parent.

As a new teacher, this is something important to be aware of. Technology has become our primary means of communication, so to be able to use it in a professional manner is ideal as long as we have a guide to follow.

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