Our ever changing world

Technology is changing constantly and consistently. With the evolution of technology, comes a change in the way we live our everyday lives. One of the slides in Katia’s presentation had a quote by Alan Kay. In this quote, Alan describes technology as “anything that wasn’t around when you were born”. In this case, there is so much new technology that has arrived in my 21 years of living. Growing up, I spent very little time using technology. I would watch the occasional cartoon on TV but that was about it. I didn’t have an iPad or a cell phone or any portable electronics to use throughout the day. Instead, I spent my time playing outside with my siblings and using my imagination to create new and exciting worlds of my own. I did not have to look to technology to do this for me.

Although technology has numerous benefits, I am in a way glad that it was not present in my life as a child to the extent that it is now. I can look back on my childhood memories and have very few that involve sitting in front of a screen. This is no longer the case for the majority of children growing up today. As Katia mentioned in her presentation, people today have a hard time separating their “online life” from their “offline life”.

Whether the impact technology has brought to our lives be good or bad or maybe a bit of both, it is undeniable that it has changed the way society operates. As Wesch said about technology in his video, it is not “just about information it is about linking people, and linking people in ways we never thought about before”. It is truly up to us how we chose to use this form of connection to the world around us.

Evidently, education has changed along with technology. Technology can offer so many possibilities in a classroom when used correctly. Sites such as SeeSaw, GoNoodle, Kahoot and so many more, are so easily accessible and offer a new dimension to the way students are learning. As an educator, it is extremely important to understand how to implement technology into the classroom in a way that makes it an asset to students’ learning. To do this myself, I am going to have to realize that my students will more than likely know more about technology than I do, so I will be able to learn alongside them.

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