Way better than Ragu! -Learning project week 3

This week for my learning project, I challenged myself to make a homemade tomato sauce. Usually, I just buy tomato sauce from a jar like Ragu for example because it is quick and easy. However, the homemade sauce has a freshness to it that just makes it so much better. I decided that this is something I would like to learn how to make as I can make several different dishes with a basic tomato sauce.

I started off by doing some research to find a recipe that I liked and that was simple to follow.  I found this recipe and I really like it so decided to give it a try. I read through it and then headed to the grocery store to get the fresh ingredients I would need to make my sauce extra tasty.

I noticed an ingredient I found rather odd to add to a tomato sauce…carrots. I did more research and found an article that explains how carrots can actually take away some of the acidity from the tomatoes. 

Once I started cooking I realized that I had purchased a different type of garlic than the one that the recipe called for. I went to Seasoned Advice to figure out what I should do.  This site showed me the equivalence of a clove of garlic to minced garlic, which was very helpful. Another thing I didn’t really know how to do was how to properly chop an onion which just goes to show how clueless I am in the kitchen haha. I found a helpful YouTube video that guided me through this and led to very minimal tears.

Overall I think my sauce turned out pretty good! It was very tasty and I managed not to burn the garlic at all which can be kind of tricky sometimes. With each new dish I try, I am starting to enjoy cooking just a little bit more!



5 thoughts on “Way better than Ragu! -Learning project week 3

  1. Brooke, that looks delicious! Great job learning a new skill and having fun doing it! Cooking from scratch is always better. Try your recipe again in the summer with fresh garden tomatoes, it will be even more amazing. Keep up your great progress!

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  2. I can really relate to how you said your tomato sauce had a freshness to it. Last summer I made home maid tomato soup and after having that it really turned me away from the canned soup. More work but definitely makes for better tasting food and your dish looks like that’s the case!

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