social learning with Flipgrid

This week for EDTC300 I had to review an app or tool that I was unfamiliar with. I scrolled through the list of apps that Katia provided and one caught my eye. The app I chose is called Flipgrid. I have heard of this app before from my different classmates but I had never actually checked it out for myself so I decided that this would be the perfect time to do so.

Like it says in this photo, Flipgrid is an app used for social learning. To explore the app, I created an educator account. In this account, I can create topics that my students can answer using short videos. I gave this a shot by adding my own video response as if I was a student. I found that it was very easy to do and even really young students would be able to use this app.






So why use Flipgrid in the classroom?

Well, Flipgrid can be an awesome way to share students’ learning with their parents. Instead of always showing written work, Flipgrid videos allow parents to see how their child can respond to questions orally and whether or not they are able to express their thoughts. It is also a great way to connect with other students their age. As teachers, we can collaborate with another class to do a project that requires the students to communicate with one another. Flipgrid allows us to do this safely where we are in control of what our students are sharing and who they are sharing with. If set to do so, students can also post comments on other students’ videos which allows them to start a discussion of their own. Another way to use Flipgrid is to allow students who have anxiety about speaking in front of the class, to record presentations by themselves and then watch it later on. There are truly endless possibilities as to how to use Flipgrid in a classroom.

A really neat feature that Flipgrid offers is the educator’s guide to Flipgrid. This guide explains how to use the app as an educator as well as all the different things that students can do with the app. This guide is definitely helpful as someone who is just getting started with Flipgrid.

When it comes to the SAMR model that we discussed in class, Flipgrid would be placed under modification as it allows students and teachers to do things that they would not otherwise be able to do. Some examples of the possiblities are easily sharing video responses privately, connecting with others in a controlled environment and allowing parents to witness their child’s progress in school from their own home.

If you do not yet have a Flipgrid account, I highly recommend that you create one which you can easily do by going here! I’d love to hear any of your ideas on how you would Implement or how u have already implemented Flipgrid in a classroom.

One thought on “social learning with Flipgrid

  1. Hey Brooke,
    I also looked at Flipgrid for my blog post. I found it super user friendly and I loved that it can be accessed on a computer as well as a phone. It possible that most educational apps have this possibility but admitting that I don’t know that makes me sound old…so I won’t do that! Great share. Thanks


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