How to make risotto-Learning project week 5

This week for my learning project I learned how to make basic risotto. For those of you who may not know, risotto is a classic Italian rice dish. Risotto is fairly simple to make as long as you follow the instructions very carefully. What I learned while making risotto for the first time is that patience is everything!

I actually didn’t know what risotto was and have never tasted it before so I was unsure whether or not I would like it. My bf requested that I try out this dish as it is something he really enjoys. So I gave it a shot!

I followed this easy basic risotto recipe for this dish. I really liked this recipe because it put the instructions in really simple terms and it took me through everything I had to do step-by-step.

This week I will share with you a video tutorial I put together while  I was making this dish! Hopefully, it will help anyone who is brave enough to try making risotto for themselves.

Overall I think that my first attempt at making risotto went really well and I learned that this is a dish that I actually really enjoy. This will definitely be something that I will be making again!

4 thoughts on “How to make risotto-Learning project week 5

  1. Brooke,
    First of all this risotto looks amazing. I have tried to make risotto and it was an ultimate fail. Second, you may want to check your YouTube video link, as I was unable to watch your step-by-step tutorial!
    Thanks for sharing

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Ashley! I think I had the video set to private which might be why you couldn’t see it. I changed it to public now if you could please let me know if that worked that’d be great!


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