My contributions to the learning of others

Well, it is time for my final networked learning post. In this post, I will share with you a few ways that I have contributed to others’ learning on three different platforms; Blogs, Twitter and Slack. I tried my best to be as active as possible on all three of these platforms by sharing resources, commenting on blogs, and asking/answering questions. At first, I found it kind of difficult to keep up with all three of these things every day but as the course progressed I got more used to it and learned to appreciate all of the help and support that was available on these sites.

First I’ll talk about blogging. I was very involved in commenting on other’s blog posts especially the learning project posts. I found it so interesting to read about everyone else’s’ journeys. I offered words of encouragement and helpful tips when I could.

Here are just a few examples of some of the comments.

Next up is Twitter. I used Twitter to share useful resources and articles that I found on Feedly. I always spent time retweeting my classmates’ posts when they shared something about which I had something to say or add. I always enjoyed answering all the questions in #saskedchat and reading Tweets from other professionals that I follow.

Here are some screenshots of my activity on Twitter.

And last but not least, Slack! Slack was such a useful platform to use for this class. It was ideal for asking questions and helping out others. I shared a few resources on here and If I had a problem this is where I went for help. Whenever possible, I also tried to help out my fellow classmates when they were in need.

By using all three of these platforms on a daily basis, I learned that there are so many resources and supports available to teachers in the online community.  I had no idea that educators were so active on Twitter and this is definitely something that I will continue to benefit from throughout my career.


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